The Plan for Tonight

Ok, I need to think about this issue with my  lab  logically . Also need  to  be   strict  with the time scale , so will be in  bed by 12.30 at the  latest .

1. Boot up Kail, the Network in Virtual Box in Bridged mode

2 Ping google  and  gateway

3. Turn off  Kail , if  it is successful go to step 4  , else try NAT.

4. Boot WinXP the Network in Virtual Box in Bridged modeFlush the DNS , do ip release and renew ,  ping google and gateway .

5. Run Nmap from host Mint 17.3,  to see if  it detects the WinXp machine

6 Launch  Kail and run Namp . If unsuccessfully

7.Launch Kail, ping from Host.  Unsuccessful  try NAT.

8. Launch WinXP , ping from host . Unsuccessful  try NAT  .

9 If all the above fails  spin a new kail VM , in bridge and test again.



Harry Potter Linux Aliases

So today I finally go around to add aliases to my bash profile . As I’m huge Harry Potter fan I decided to merge the two, so I use Harry Potter spells .

alias accio='sudo apt-get install'
alias ak='kill -9' # Avada Kedavra is just too long, an to hard to spell
alias portus='cd /home'
alias scourgify='sudo apt-get remove'
alias mischief-managed='sudo shutdown –h now'

Any other suggestions .