Virtual Lab Issuses

Tired, and it is my own fault. last night I tried a very simple Metasploit exploit MS08_067_NETAPI  on virtual windows  XP machine , and it did not work , the error was “Exploit aborted due to no-target”. So after Googleing though it might have the version of windows XP , so install another  SP3, set up again and went to bed at 1.15am . Tested this morning and the winxp machine was not showing on my  Nmap port scans from Kail , which was taking to long , there it  must be a network misconfiguration. When stuff like happens I can be a nightmare to around , and it nobody’s fault but own as I am so frustrated that I failed that I am actually angry at myself , and can take it out on others. It like it works for everyone else , why is not woking for me I followed instructions and should work, and then it all I think about all day trying to figure out what I did wrong .
I’m  using Virtual box , Kail2  VM as the attacker and WinXP SP3 VM  as the victim.Both virtual  interfaces are  set to bridged mode  . When I perform  Nmap scan on Kail it freezes? I did try an set up a static IP on WinXP , but  realised I misconfigured it set to 192.168.10.xx when should be been 192.168.0.xx . I rebooted did another scan still freezing and unable  to ping the WinXP machine , maybe I need to ipconfig /flushdns or ipconfig /release, but that have wait tonight . If I  cannot get it  working  tonight I leave till the weekend when I have more time

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