Time to get down to business​

I haven’t posted in a while  as I been doing a lot of reading and  the last week been an  interesting week , which I may share my views on at later stage . Right  now I want to focus on getting to the business of pen testing.


The Plan for Tonight

Ok, I need to think about this issue with my  lab  logically . Also need  to  be   strict  with the time scale , so will be in  bed by 12.30 at the  latest .

1. Boot up Kail, the Network in Virtual Box in Bridged mode

2 Ping google  and  gateway

3. Turn off  Kail , if  it is successful go to step 4  , else try NAT.

4. Boot WinXP the Network in Virtual Box in Bridged modeFlush the DNS , do ip release and renew ,  ping google and gateway .

5. Run Nmap from host Mint 17.3,  to see if  it detects the WinXp machine

6 Launch  Kail and run Namp . If unsuccessfully

7.Launch Kail, ping from Host.  Unsuccessful  try NAT.

8. Launch WinXP , ping from host . Unsuccessful  try NAT  .

9 If all the above fails  spin a new kail VM , in bridge and test again.


Virtual Lab Issuses

Tired, and it is my own fault. last night I tried a very simple Metasploit exploit MS08_067_NETAPI  on virtual windows  XP machine , and it did not work , the error was “Exploit aborted due to no-target”. So after Googleing though it might have the version of windows XP , so install another  SP3, set up again and went to bed at 1.15am . Tested this morning and the winxp machine was not showing on my  Nmap port scans from Kail , which was taking to long , there it  must be a network misconfiguration. When stuff like happens I can be a nightmare to around , and it nobody’s fault but own as I am so frustrated that I failed that I am actually angry at myself , and can take it out on others. It like it works for everyone else , why is not woking for me I followed instructions and should work, and then it all I think about all day trying to figure out what I did wrong .
I’m  using Virtual box , Kail2  VM as the attacker and WinXP SP3 VM  as the victim.Both virtual  interfaces are  set to bridged mode  . When I perform  Nmap scan on Kail it freezes? I did try an set up a static IP on WinXP , but  realised I misconfigured it set to 192.168.10.xx when should be been 192.168.0.xx . I rebooted did another scan still freezing and unable  to ping the WinXP machine , maybe I need to ipconfig /flushdns or ipconfig /release, but that have wait tonight . If I  cannot get it  working  tonight I leave till the weekend when I have more time

Harry Potter Linux Aliases

So today I finally go around to add aliases to my bash profile . As I’m huge Harry Potter fan I decided to merge the two, so I use Harry Potter spells .

alias accio='sudo apt-get install'
alias ak='kill -9' # Avada Kedavra is just too long, an to hard to spell
alias portus='cd /home'
alias scourgify='sudo apt-get remove'
alias mischief-managed='sudo shutdown –h now'

Any other suggestions .

Poems for Dad

My Dad died last Sunday,over the last week i wrote a few poems, one was even on pamphlet at the funeral .Let .me know what you think

Eleven weeks you were gone
But now you are home
No longer all alone
Surrounded by family and friends.
The way you always was.
This is where you belong
Here in the house you and I built
And the home you built.
Stone cold only sixty eight years old.
Life is not always fair
For those who shouldn’t
Exit too soon.
But they’re not relay gone
Even if their swan song is sung.
For all you need to is to close your eyes
And think very hard.
There they’ll be
For you to see.

Here at your place of final rest
Surrounded by people you knew all your life
Sure just across is the mother of your wife.
Laying next to the daughter you never knew
But never forgot.

So the time has come
And I’ll try not to cry
So it time for you to rest
To have a cup tea and cigarette
I’m sure you don’t regret
I wont say farwell but just
Slan leat

I will no longer hear your voice
Or see you smile
But I will not cry
You taught me many things
Did everything.
Came with me to many places .
But now i must face these things on my own
But not alone.
For while you are gone, your not that far away
All i need to do close my eyes and think
And there you will be
With spade and shovel in hand .
The last week seem like a dream
It didn’t fell real
Or so it seems
Life must go on
We will never stop to mourn you.
And we you sons and loving wife
Will never forget.

My Rlues for Blogging

1. Never post  blogs about work/or people you work with/for  ( you could get fired)


2. Never give out your location /phone numbers


3. If you are posting something  you think may offend  people, put a warning first .


4. If you plan to post about a new movie or book, user spoiler tags if available .


5. If posting about friends or family use fake names, it is ok to use Mum, Dad , Brother , Sister ect